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    Selling the Music

    If you are struggling with what to do with a lead when it comes in, and how to convert it to a sale, then this program is for you. Also included are several sales tools that Joe and his DJs use. This is in digital format and will be emailed to you right away!

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    Marketing the Music

    This DVD is the culmination of years of trial and error by Joe to find marketing ideas that really work for DJ company owners. Topics covered include everything from branding to networking to social media. Let him save you tens of thousands of dollars by guiding you through the things that you can do to spread the word about your company, which will lead to more inquiries, more sales, and more money. This is in digital format and will be emailed to you right away!

The reviews are in. Here’s what DJs are saying:

  • Joe Bunn runs the top DJ company in the market next door to mine, and quite frankly I was surprised he was willing to share his secrets like this. As with his DJ Company and live seminars, Joe knocks it clean out of the park with “Marketing Music.” If you want inside marketing tips from a true veteran DJ and one of the top dogs in DJ Company marketing, then you owe it to yourself and your business to see this video…you are paying pennies for what the info is actually worth!Mark Cone, Eastern Carolina DJ Service, Cone Entertainment Corp.

  • I just watched your DVD and LOVE it. It’s awesome! Great advice and can’t wait until Part 2! I loved your “CUBE” video! OMG. Super sexy! I’m struggling with the area of the e-newsletter, and thanks to you, I got some fire under me! Thank you for sharing all your industry knowledge and giving back. I think I could talk to you for HOURS on marketing and social media.Jodi Harris, Sight N Sound Events, Las Vegas, NV

  • Wow! Mind blown. Thanks Joe Bunn. I am learning so much. I will be listening to your DVD non stop and applying everything I learn. Thanks for sharing what has taken you thirty years to perfect. Thanks Michael Walter for suggesting the video.Brett Bell, Portland, OR

  • DJ Joe Bunn, Great material. Nice production. I watched it at least 6 times the first week. Thanks again! Much respect.Gee Reed, Arkansas’ Most Wanted DJ, LLC

I’ve now watched Joe Bunn’s Marketing the Music DVD a few times and it is definitely well worth the investment for any DJ at any point in their career who is looking to take their marketing up a notch. I love how Joe delivers the information in a straightforward and easy to comprehend style. Clearly, Joe is a perfect example of “practice what you preach” so it adds the authenticity of the content that he provides in the DVD! You can tell how passionate he is about helping others strive to become better at marketing themselves…and that goes a long way! I can’t wait to apply the marketing goodies into my business and be on fire!
DJ Dayna